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Questions & Answers

Where is Fortune City Located?

Fortune City is located off ACC junction, behind Shorite Supermarket and West hills Shopping Mall, Near Weija - Accra. Thelocation has good topography with high areas providing a nice view over the McCarthy hills and other parts of Accra.
More on location here

What is the size of the development?

Fortune city covers an approximate land area of 150 acres, divided into various phases of gated communities, each with its own facilities

Which facilities will be available?

The fortune city would comprise various house types including apartments, 2 storey detached and semidetached houses, and town houses.
Facilities include : Gated community with 24 hour security, swimming pools, tennis courts, gym, restaurant and bars, club houses and children's playground. There are infrastructural amenities such as roads, electricity, water, drainage, internet and pedestrian walkway fully constructed in the area.

Which house types are available?

H1 : 4 Bedroom detached house with Family Area,Laundry,Maid's Quarter and Garage. (Plot size: 82 x 79) View »
H2 : 4 Bedroom detached house with Family Area,Laundry,Maid's Quarters. (Plot size: 82 x 66) View »
H3 : 3 Bedroom detached house with Family Area,Laundry. (Plot size: 82 x 59) View »
DH : 3 Bedroom semi-detached house with Family Area,Laundry. (Plot size: 82 x 53) View »

Can I request a larger plot size??

This is subject to the location and layout of your plot. We will make every effort to accomodate your requests. Please contact the marketing team discuss.

Can I modify the house plan before construction?

It depends on what you want to do so let us know what you wish to modify, our architects would be of help.

Can I expand the building after construction?

The design is complete and solid and therefore not easy to expand but the adequate plot size provided can allow you to construct a boys quarters of your choice

What are the avilable modes of payment?

1. Outright Payment

2. Installation Payment
40% as initial payment prior to signing of sales and purchase agreement.
30% as 2nd payment, 6 months after signing of sales and purchase agreement.
20% as 3rd payment, 9 months after signing of sales and purchase agreement.
10% as final payment. upon completion, but before handing over.

3. Mortgage
Mortgage is acceptable. customers are free to make arrangements with recognized mortgage providers. Sunda will provide you the necessary documents for you to initiate the application with the mortgage institution.

How long is the contruction period?

9-18 months after first deposit (40% of the purchase price)

Will the price change during the consruction period?

Not likely. Prices are expected to remain same during construction period, barring any unforseen events.